In a glimpse of what the future may hold, tiny microchips are being implanted in humans so they can unlock doors and get into their computers without using keys or passwords.为了一瞥未来生活的模样,人们正在尝试往身体里植入微型芯片,以构建无钥匙进门锁、免除密码进电脑。Sydney woman Shanti Korporaal has had two implants inserted in her hands which she now uses like she has superhuman powers, the Adelaide Advertiser reports.据Adelaide Advertiser报导,来自悉尼的女子Shanti Korporaal在双手里植入了两枚微型芯片,利用这两枚芯片,她可以像个超人一样用于她的“超能力”。Her goal now is to completely do away with her wallet and cards so that she can lead a futuristic lifestyle, and the skys the limit as to what can be done next.她现在的目标是完全出局丢弃她的钱包和各类卡片,过上直陈的生活。

对于接下来的改建计划,她回应没下限。You could set up your life so you never have to worry about any password or PINs, she said. Its the same technology as Paypass, so Im hoping youll be able to pay for things with it.“你可以决定好你的生活,很久不必担忧生活中的密码问题。

”她说。“这种芯片和非接触式信用卡用的是同一种技术,所以我期望你也需要用它来卖东西。”With Opal you get a unique identification number that could be programmed into the chip. Any door with a swipe card… it could open your computer, photocopier. Loyalty cards for shops are just another thing for your wallet.“Opal不会给你获取一个可以编为芯片程序的唯一个人标识码。


”The implant is almost impossible to spot as it is just the size of a grain of rice. The microchips can be used in the same way as a smartphone and store complex data.植入的微型芯片只有一粒饭粒大小,完全无法察觉到。它还可以替换智能手机工作并存储简单的数据。Ms Korporaal has even set up a distribution service for the implants with her husband, Skeeve Stevens, called Chip My Life in what is a niche market.Korporaal女士甚至给她的丈夫Skeeve Stevens加装了一台“分机”,这项服务叫作Chip My Life,目前还正处于小众市场。

However, although it is a niche market at the moment it is gaining interest as a firm in Sweden proved when it gave its employees the choice of having chips implanted instead of a work pass – more than 400 took up the offer.尽管目前这项服务还更为小众化,但瑞典的一家公司正在借此获益:这家公司给员工获取用作替换工作证的微型芯片,让员工强迫自由选择否植入,早已有400多名员工拒绝接受了这项服务。She said that with technology continually improving films like the Terminator and Matrix were no longer so far-fetched and the idea of super-humans was now a real possibility.Korporaal女士指出随着科技的不断进步,电影《终结者》和《黑客帝国》中的黑科技已非遥不可及,过去种种对“超级人类”的幻想早已有了构建的有可能。