Verizons recent data breach investigation shows 76% of hacks are caused by weak or stolen passwords. Despite cyberattacks becoming more sophisticated, the majority of the hacks can be prevented by by following simple security measures. Two security experts, Blue Coats chief security officer, Hugh Thompson and Backblazes CEO Gleb Budman share five tips to make ourselves less vulnerable to hackers.Verizon最近公布的数据泄漏调查表明,76%的黑客侵略是帐户密码过强或失窃导致的。虽说网络攻击手法更加高明,但只要遵循几条非常简单的安全性原则,就可以防止大部分反击。Blue Coat首席安全性长休汤普森(Hugh Thompson)和Backblaze首席执行长格莱布布德曼(Gleb Budman)与我们共享了五条防黑窍门。

1. Dont use real answers to security questions.1. 问安全性问题别太觉得Whats your mothers maiden name, where were you born, whats your favorite color. All those things are typically easy to find out with a little bit of digging. Use something made up and thats not searchable online.你母亲娘家姓氏什么?你在哪里出生于?你最喜欢什么颜色?类似于的问题黑客不必过于费劲就能寻找答案。所以别堆知道,捏造一些网上查不到的答案。2. Rethink what you share online.2. 在网上共享信息要三思Sit in the hackers chair for a moment and imagine the people that are looking at your social media feeds and want to cause you harm. Social media gives attackers the ability to custom craft emails and phone calls that are personailized just to you. Just give your tweet a second thought before you publish.想象一下,有个黑客正在盯着你的社交媒体,意图告发。阴险的黑客能通过社交媒体上的资料制作出有专门针对你的蓄意电邮和电话,所以每次发推文之前再行停下看看。

3. Use different passwords for every site.3. 每个网站都用有所不同的密码One of the most common hacks is to finding the easiest place to hack into and using that to get into everything else. Often people will use the same password for a website they just are just getting something free but also use that same password on their bank account. Use a password manager like 1Password so you only have to remember one password and it will remember all the other ones for you. This allows you to create complex passwords.最少见的黑客手段之一就是寻找最脆弱的突破口,然而举一反三白丢弃其他帐户。人们常常为了获得点免费的东西而登记某个网站,使的毕竟自己银行帐户的密码。引荐你用于像1Password这样的密码管理工具,你只必须忘记一个密码,其余密码让工具老大你记忆,这样你就可以设置更加简单的密码了。4. Beware of shorten phishing links.4. 当心钓鱼较短链接With the advent of shorten links on Facebook and Twitter, its hard to tell where the end destination is. The goal of phishing messages is to get the user to click on a link and often times that link can come from someone you know or trust.Facebook和推特(Twitter)上的短链接更加风行了,很难辨别这些链接最后指向哪里。

钓鱼信息的目的就是让人页面某个链接,而很多时候这个链接有可能来自你了解或信任的人。5. Cover your passwords.5. 维护你的密码Hackers dont always need advanced technology to get peoples passwords. At cafes, schools, and conferences people often type their password in clear view. Just be sensitive to whats happening around you.黑客并不总是必须高科技来窃取密码。